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They are as old as U2 and Rolling Stones. They have known each other almost as long. And they are at least as aged and aggressive! With the new album ALT UND AGGRESSIV, which was released December 1, 2009, Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks accompany the new hard times with both fierce and gentle tones from their mix of klezmer and cabaret rock.

Spielniks are grumbling. Over the privileges of youth that have long since vanished, as the band's average age is 50 years, and over the diminishing ratio of future and past. On ALT UND AGGRESSIV they praise experience and age, and have it out with the cliché that you get mild and kind with age. And so they start off with the single "Erfarung ist Sexy" and the video "Heinz": .

"We want to do away with the cliché of turning 50; that you become nice and mild. People who go around saying, "Maybe I look old, but inside I'm young" are idiots. You learn from life and you become both painfully wiser and more sexy with age", say Spielniks .

The band, which was formed in 1986, set off the klezmer wave that has since washed over Denmark . It was with Spielniks that Channe Nussbaum founded her career as Danish klezmer music's undisputed queen, and the group created a whole new form of both serious and humorous European cabaret rock. Spielniks first CD was released in 1997 (Copenhagen Klezmer) and the second in 1998 (Jidishe Mame). Since then, ten years have passed where the members, besides having gotten older and more aggressive, have played heaps of concerts in Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Germany, where the band has been called both 'innovative' and 'revolutionary'. In the meantime, Channe Nussbaum , Torben Steno, and Jens Tolsgaard have released solo CDs, Morten Krøgholt has created music for countless films and TV series, Peter Nielsen has composed music for dance performances, and Peter Jessen has invented the mezzo-soprano sax ophone.

You could rightly say that people who have know each other for so long should have split up ages ago. But the band has stuck together exactly around the mantra ALT UND AGGRESSIV. While Channe Nussbaum and the five mature men's two first albums had lyrics in Yiddish, the lyrics on ALT UND AGGRESSIV are written in 'wrong German' - an energetic Central European bastard language, a shrewd mixture of German, English, Danish, and Polish. The lyrics are written by the drummer Morten Krøgholt with assistance from the German Volmar Zimmerman.

The genre is still Yidpop, an abbreviation of 'Yiddish pop' and a musical suggestion for an update to klezmer music and Yiddish lieder. As always, Spielniks present an original mix of many different inspirations and styles, and they do not sever their roots in klezmer music but expand and develop the genre by mixing it with cabaret rock, pop, and electronica. The sources of inspiration are to be found far from klezmer; among other places in Tom Waits and Serge Gainsbourg, whose wife moaned her way through the hit "Je t'aime... moi non plus". All tracks on ALT UND AGGRESSIV are composed by Channe Nussbaum / Jens Tolsgaard.

Jens Tolsgaard : harmonica, guitar, vocal, mandolin, programming

Torben Steno: guitar, vocal

Channe Nussbaum : vocal

Peter Nielsen: bass

Peter Jessen: clarinet, sax ophone

Morten Krøgholt: drums, vocal

Ellen Krøgholt: backing vocals on Alt und Aggressiv.


1. Erfahrung ist Sexy
2. Sigmund
3. Bim Bam Burry
4. Heinz
5. Wo bist du Gewesen
6. Besserwisser
7. Finkelstein
8. Nein
9. Allein
10. Philosoph
11. Papa
12. Alt und Aggressiv

Cowbell Music #52 2009


The Danish/Jewish singer Channe Nussbaum and her band, the Spielniks, are well established on the Jewish music scene especially in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe.

They have modernised traditional klezmer with jazz, rock, synthesisers and the voice of Channe Nussbaum into a style, they themselves call "Jidpop" (from Yiddish pop) - a musical offering updating klezmer and the Yiddish lieder.

They've released 2 CD's, Copenhagen Klezmer (February 1997) and Jidishe Mame (December 1998). The first CD includes many traditional songs whereas the latest includes only 4 original klezmer songs with another 10 composed by Channe Nussbaum and Jens Tolsgaard in their "Jidpop" style.

Channe NussbaumNB: Experts in Yiddish should excuse the spelling which have been adapted to fit Danish grammar.


Flensborg avis: Et stort kys til Channe Nussbaum - Einen dicken Kuss für
Channe Nussbaum
Klezmer-Königin Channe Nussbaum gelingt es, den melancholischen Grundton
mit Freude zu verbinden. Die dänische Jüdin gab in Schleswig ein
betörendes (?forrygende") Konzert mit ihren tollen, spielfreudigen
?Spielniks". Selbst zu einem jüdischen Kettentanz konnte sie das Publikum
bewegen. Channe Nussalbum hat eine kräftige und großartige Stimme für ihre
wunderschöne Weltschmerz-Musik mit jiddischen, deutschen, slawischen und
hebräischen Elementen.

Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks ist eine gut eingespielte Band, die in Dänemark und im Ausland seit 1997 tätig ist. Channe Nussbaum ist u.a. in den USA als die wesentliche Erneuerin der jüdischen Musiktradition in der ganzen Welt hervorgehoben worden. Zusammen mit Spielniks zeigt sie das ganze Register ihres vielseitigen Talents. Das heisst: ihre aussergewöhnliche Stimme, ihr Talent als Liedmacherin und ihre originale und humoristische Bühnenshow. Die Musik wurzelt zwar in der jüdischen Volksmusiktradition - Klezmer - hat sich aber in den letzten Jahren geändert - nämlich Richtung der Stärke Spielniks: Das heisst - sie spielen ganz einfach genau was sie selber wollen. Und das ist tatsächlich ein recht originalesDing, das aus Rock, Pop, Jazz und Cabaret besteht.

In den letzten Jahren hat Channe Nussbaum und Spielniks sich besonders als Live-Orchester profiliert. Das dänische Sextett hat recht viel in Europa auf u.a. Festivals in Schweden, Polen, Ungarn und Deutschland gespielt.

Das Orchester gab Ende der 90´ziger Jahren zwei CD-Platten aus: ?Copenhagen Klezmer" und ?Jidische Mame." Und in 2009 waren sie wieder im Studio, um eine neue CD mit dem ungewöhnlichen Titel ?Alt und Agressiv" einzuspielen. Alle Nummern dieser CD sind von Channe Nussbaum, Morten Krøgholt und Jens Tolsgaard gemacht.


Morten Krøgholt,
Ved Amagerport 5 st. t.v.
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 20 75 76 35

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Channe Nussbaum: vocal

Peter Jessen: clarinet

Jens Tolsgaard: accordeon

Torben Steno: guitar

Peter Nielsen: bass

Morten Krøgholt: